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Our Story

BnBHost started in 2021 as a company to provide affordable housing to low-income families. As our portfolio has grown, we are branching into the short-term rental space. We are a young company, but we do not let our age impact our execution abilities. Venturing into the short-term rental space is a move to further our goal to provide affordable, clean, and safe housing for the families who choose us without needing to bring on outside investors. We pride ourselves on finding solutions that benefit all parties. This ideal has led us to continued success throughout our acquisition history and will lead us into the future.BnBHost is currently operating in Virginia and South Carolina with plans to expand aggressively throughout 2022. As a result, we are looking for partners in, but not limited to, the following markets:Charlotte, NC
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Glendale, AZ
Miami, FL
Pittsburg, PA
San Antonio, TX
St. Loius, MO

Why Us

Guaranteed Rental Income
Each month rent arrives on time, just like hitting the easy button on your units—no need to worry about tenants not paying on time, paying late, or not in full. We deliver on time every time.
Lower Cost Turnovers
We sign 2+ year leases on as many units as possible and are in all units weekly. We pride ourselves on providing the best stays in the industry. As a result, our guests have high standards for their accommodations, which translates to us keeping your units maintained at high standards. Due to our ongoing maintenance and cleaning standards, turnover to vacated units is minimal.
Less Wear and Tear
After each stay, our cleaners are in each unit performing a top-to-bottom clean, allowing us to inspect each unit regularly. We maintain a staff in-house to fix issues versus burdening your maintenance staff. Our bottom line depends on having the best units in picture-perfect condition at all times.
When it comes time to sell or rent to a new family, you can rest assured that the unit is in ready condition, with no lengthy turnovers.Multiple Units at a time
We are looking to pick up multiple units on multi-year terms—no need to find several tenants to fill your empty units. Let us take them! If you want to sell soon, reach out to us here, and we can help lower your vacancy rates today! We want to be your partner in boosting your cap rates for that next investment.

Our Offerings

HostingHave vacancies and need them filled? You're a property manager and need t to reduce your vacancy rate? Are you a property owner and concerned about the upcoming bills? Let us be your tenant! We always pay rent on time and maintain your property in like-new, ready-for-listing condition. We advertise on over 16 sites and are continually expanding.Co-HostingAlready hosting and need a hand? Taking a vacation and want to take time off from the day-to-day operations? Allow us to connect you with one of our local hosts to assist! In addition, we offer the ability to partner with you to co-host your listing to boost your listing ratings.Pricing and AnalysisIs your listing not performing as well as you expected? Let us analyze your listing and work with you to develop a pricing strategy or provide guidance on improving your listing. Allow us to manage your unit and let our automation processes and staff update every property daily to optimize pricing at all times. We proactively update pricing with upcoming events, seasonal changes, and demand.Messaging AutomationCommunication is core to our business methodologies. Communicating with hundreds of guests across multiple platforms is tedious. Let us handle this while you sit back and enjoy boosted reviews. Messaging is core to our purpose, and we believe this is core to our future success.Financial Reporting and AccountingWhile we manage your property, we maintain financial records to make tax time easier. In addition, we provide monthly statements on the performance of your asset and other reports as needed. Allow us to handle complex day-to-day operations.Monitoring and Proactive ResponseNoise is one of the leading causes to upset neighbors. Therefore, we proactively monitor noise levels at all properties and reach out to guests before problems creep up. In addition, each guest receives a unique code for checking in to the property, valid only for their stay, and no more dealing with keys and guests making copies.More to ComeAdditional services not listed above are coming soon. Have a suggestion or question, get in touch!

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